CholesLo worked better than any other supplement I’ve tried “I’ve never had an issue with my Cholesterol. It’s usually around 190 and I’ve had it as low as 160 with careful diet and exercise. But that was all before I became menopausal. After that, I found that it hit 240 and I had no luck […]

Lipid Optimizing System (Cholesterol, HDL/LDL & Triglycerides): Red Yeast RiceĀ  Red yeast rice can lower cholesterol levels by blocking a key enzyme in the liver. Described in an ancient Chinese list of drugs as useful for improving blood circulation and for relieving indigestion and diarrhea, in recent times, both Chinese and American scientists have used […]

Choleslo is a natural dietary supplementĀ made from organic herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and comes in a vegetarian capsule. Its ingredients have been scientifically researched and clinically tested to help support healthy cholesterol levels and promote improved lipid profiles. Choleslo also helps to balance HDL/LDL ratios, reduce fatty triglycerides, improve homocysteine levels and more importantly, […]